About Us


Mandala Eco Villas was designed with well-being in mind. Well-being not only for ourselves or our guests, but rather for everything that surrounds and sustains us. It is our intention to guide ourselves and our business with the natural processes found throughout nature, creating a more sustainable and resilient model both for business and day to day living.

We have implied several tactics to minimize our negative impact on our environment and turn those negative impacts into positive ones. This includes the regeneration of waste into resources, interdependent food systems, natural and local resource building, and the creation of productive guilds between animals, plants and humans.

Mandala sits on a two acre property on Comalapa River Watershed, where it meets the Pacific Ocean. Nestled in what remains of a centennial Hacienda, our property is surrounded by nature and ocean. It is a vibrant and powerful country

The property has a riverfront and beachfront, where a cobblestone point creates ideal waves for surfing and fishing. 

The two acres are split into two zones, north and south. The southern half is where Mandala grill is located. 

The north half is our designated for our food production. Although the property itself is a food forest; bearing coconuts, mangos, bananas, almonds and edible annual and perennial herbs, the north property will be used as a bio-intensive organic farm to provide as much fresh veggies and herbs for our guests’ well-being. 

The property has an artificial pond home to various species of local fish, shrimp, turtles and birds. This pond will also serve as a source of nutrients and minerals for our upcoming hydroponic systems.