Mandala’s layout was intended to follow the basic geometrical principles found throughout nature, resulting in a harmonious flow of energy that complements our surroundings and place. 

Each Villa and structure was placed strategically on the intersecting points of the flower of life pattern,creating a living Mandala that can be seen from the ground as well as the sky. The intention is to create natural resonance among our structures, guests and the land we are on. 

With this intention, we can create a thriving sanctuary for recreation, relaxation and benefit to our space, ourselves and all creation.

Our eco-villas were designed and built to minimize the use of non renewable materials, whilst  increasing the use of locally sourced or reclaimed resources, such as cob and repurposed pallet wood. 


Each villa was built to maximize air flow from all directions. Natural thatched palm roofs have been strategically designed to let cool air in and warmer air out. Natural building materials retain little to no thermal heat. Powered by nothing more than a ceiling fan, the villas stay remarkably cool during the hottest of tropical days and  nights. By eliminating the constant change in air humidity created by air conditioning, our bodies are able to adjust to their natural environment, resulting in deeper sleep and relaxation.