We are in love with the world… from its cultures and traditions, to its expressions and flair; we are in awe of the diversity that gives life its unique flavors. 

Our restaurant is an eclectic collection of tastes, textures and colors from places and cultures that have left a beautiful mark on world cuisine, and continue to inspire us daily.

We are  humbled to offer representations of flavors from across the globe and interpreting them into our own expression. From Japan to Cuba, Thailand to Tahiti — we have slowly curated these dishes to entice the senses and bring smiles to beautiful faces.  

We strive to serve ethically sourced and local foods when available. We make it our intention to serve only line caught fish and ethically farmed seafood, continually searching for ways to minimize our negative impacts on the environment. 

We cook with natural and whole ingredients, and promise not to serve anything we wouldn’t feed our own children. Let thy Food be Thy Medicine. 

Bless the earth that grew it, the hands that tended it, those who cooked it, and the bellies that enjoy it. 

¡Buen Provecho!

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+(503) 2316-3065

Playa El cocal Km. 6 

La Libertad, El Salvador